Sustainable design requires an approach that integrates the master plan, building architecture, engineering services and landscape design of a real estate project into a holistic whole. With project management gaining in scope and complexity and given the number of consultants working on any real estate project, this integration is not easy. In such a compartmentalized design process, sustainability is usually an after-thought. With a late introduction into the design process, changes pertaining to sustainability can be expensive and hence give rise to the flawed notion that sustainability is not affordable. Through its flagship product, "Total Sustainability SolutionsTM", Ecofirst proves that if introduced in the concept design stage of a product, sustainable design doesn't cost any more than conventional design.
Total Sustainability SolutionsTM is a holistic and integrated framework formulated by Ecofirst that combines various design services such as Architecture, Infrastructure, MEP, and Landscape together into a cohesive whole and provides a strong sustainability platform to balance all these services seamlessly and cost effectively. Through the Total Sustainability SolutionsTM framework, we guide the design philosophy towards a more energy and water centric planned approach right at the conception of the project thereby introducing sustainability concepts/ideas early on in the design thinking and saving the client capital as well as operating costs.
As part of Total Sustainability SolutionsTM we also offer infrastructure and MEP design and detailing services. We believe the only way to create a sustainable project is by managing the design process from conception to detail documentation. During this process we analyse the project from all possible points of view, beginning with Master Planning and onwards to Integrated Water Management, Energy Management and Solid Waste Management and then taking it all the way through to Infrastructure & MEP planning, design and detailing.