Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) – From a water management point of view, the ideal development project is one which meets all its water demands through on – site sources and does not disrupt the natural flows of water in terms of drainage patterns, quality and quantity of water. IWRM is an attempt at achieving just that. Conventional market practice is to compartmentalize water planning into parts such as water supply networkdesign, storm water management, waste water management etc. However, IWRM integrates all aspects related to water management into a concerted design thought process.

As part of this approach, water planning for a project starts from a thorough analysis of the expected demand and a scientific assessmentof the site and its ground and surface water potential. The demand is then optimised before being mapped to the various sources of water supply. An attempt is also made at maximizing the sustainable utilisation of the available water through measures such as water recycling and reuse, rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge mechanisms. Water disposal beyond the site, if any, is done ensuring disposal quality standards are met and the water is disposed off in tune with natural drainage patterns. Most importantly, each water related sub-system is designed keeping in mind the influences of other sub-systems on it as well as the synergies that it may have with them.

Through IWRM, Ecofirst aims to ensure long term water security and grid independence, minimise water costs, minimise water related energy consumption and manage water for the project in an environmentally friendly manner.